On Sept 8th 2014, I gave a guest-lecture on `Story & Transmedia’ at UNSW College of Fine Arts. Many thanks again to Dr Alex Davies (and all at COFA) for inviting me along to speak. It was a great pleasure to visit COFA, and to meet all the students.

Dr Alex Davies & Class @ UNSW COFA

Dr Alex Davies & Class @ UNSW COFA

JT Velikovsky presenting `Story & Transmedia' at UNSW COFA

JT Velikovsky presenting `Story & Transmedia’ at UNSW COFA

The 23-min `What is Story’ part of the 1-hour PPT “Story and Transmedia” is below (i.e. a 23-min version `Director’s Cut’ of the `Story’ section).

And – the entire PPT (`Story and Transmedia’) can be viewed on Slideshare here:

After the class, we also had an excursion (or: location recce) to scope out nearby Cockatoo Island, where the UNSW COFA students will set their own transmedia / cross-media locative narratives (i.e. Audio Walks using mobile phones). Their work/s may (well) be partly-inspired by Janet Cardiff’s amazing Audio/Video Walk installations: http://www.cardiffmiller.com/artworks/walks/index.html



Some shots from the location recce to Cockatoo Island are below:

En route to Cockatoo Island recce

En route to Cockatoo Island recce

Cockatoo Isle 2

Cockatoo Island 1


Cockatoo Isle 3

Cockatoo Isle 4

Cockatoo Isle 5

Cockatoo Isle 6

Cockatoo Isle 7

Cockatoo Isle 8

This photo - inside one of the Cockatoo Island sheds - by Dr Alex Davies (2014)

This photo – inside one of the Cockatoo Island sheds – by Dr Alex Davies (2014)

Cockatoo Isle 9

Cockatoo Isle 10


Cockatoo Isle 11

Apparently the Australian bushranger Thunderbolt was imprisoned on Cockatoo Island, and escaped. (Maybe it was just to escape the sound of the seagulls…)

And, for more on Transmedia and Storytelling, see also:

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Or see the site index.

Comments welcome.


JT Velikovsky

High-RoI Story/Screenplay/Movie and Transmedia Researcher

The above is (mostly) an adapted excerpt, from my doctoral thesis: “Communication, Creativity and Consilience in Cinema”. It is presented here for the benefit of fellow screenwriting, filmmaking and creativity researchers. For more, see https://aftrs.academia.edu/JTVelikovsky

JT Velikovsky is also a produced feature film screenwriter and million-selling transmedia writer-director-producer. He has been a professional story analyst for major film studios, film funding organizations, and for the national writer’s guild. For more see: http://on-writering.blogspot.com/



2 thoughts on “StoryAlity #64B – Story and Transmedia at UNSW COFA

  1. Hi My name is susan am a PHD student at Kenyatta University Kenya.I am quite interested in the storyality theory and CPTN…good stuff right there and i am considering using these theories it for my PHD studies but the resources available online are very few also am not sure if JT has completed his PHD on CPTN. is there a particular book i can access on CPTN and storyality. Kindly help.

    Regards Susan

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