Creativity 4.0 Diagram !

News Flash: NEW & IMPROVED/ UPGRADED Systems Model of Creativity Diagram (!)

Some people, like Vlady Nabokov, liked to collect: butterflies…

So too, one of my hobbies is collecting:

Diagrams of The Systems Model of Creativity…

whenever I can find one, in “the wild”…

Here is a picture of, The Wild:

The Wild West of: random information, data, knowledge and wisdom, out there in the “world”. Some of it, is actually hiding, in: books, in library carts… (& we have to be vewy vewy quwiet when we’re hunting wabbits, in da libwawy…)

So – as they say in Canadia, I think you need to know aboot this…

A new one emerged from its chrysalis, in 2018-!!!

I have captured it, and pinned it… here.

(Yes, tried to write “Source: Gruner & Csik (2018) etc” but, I have Academic Tourette’s, so it came out “Sauce Code“. Also, the reason I wrote “02018” and not “2018” is: I am a long term future-thinker type personoid, e.g. see: The Long Now.)

i.e.: And I quote, that great Philosopher, er, Wikipedia:

`In a manner somewhat similar to the Holocene calendar, the foundation uses 5-digit dates to address the Year 10,000 problem[1] (e.g., by writing “02019” rather than “2019”).’

(Sauce Code: Wikipedia, 02019, online of all places)


So, that is why I now write 02019, instead of 2019. Get on it. (Catch up.) We have a future to save, folks. You too can be one of the good guys, in aboot 8,000 years’ time, when future-history remembers you. (e.g….Were you a jerk, like Trump, denying climate-change, etc?)

Anyway – if you like Computational Creativity, (i.e., A.I., doing creativity) check out my artificial writer:

StoryAlity #141 – The StoryAlity-Theory `Robo-Raconteur’ artificial-writer


And – HEY… If you would like to see my “butterfly collection” (of: the systems model of creativity diagrams), then… here it is. (…Beootiful! 🙂

(NB – Interactive / Audience-Participation-Bit: If you do happen to stumble across any – that I haven’t already found and classified – let me know!!! I am always adding to the butterfly collection)…

Anyway so – there we have it.

An amazing: discovewy.

Here is a closer view…

Also, here is a quote I loved from the above chapter.

`Cognitive psychologists typically describe seven distinct heuristics of creativity that include:

(1) problem finding;

(2) knowledge acquisition;

(3) information collection;

(4) incubation;

(5) divergent thinking;

(6) combination;


(7) convergent thinking.’


Sauce: Gruner & Csikszentmihalyi (02018, p. 454)

Why I love it:

Because, heuristics are good.

They help you: solve problems.

And: all creativity is problem solving.

Heuristics are: recipes, formulas, algorithms.

So the above “7-step program” is: one great way to do, creativity…!

(…Solve those problems! YAY!)


Well folks… we have apparently come to the end of the show.

In closing:

Thanks for sharing your attention with me.

(I mean: Attention is a finite limited resource, and you just blew some of it on: me. I sure hope the benefit/cost ratio was: worth it? Yikes. and sheesh?)

Q: Did you really need to know, all this?

i.e. About: The new & improved, systems model of creativity, now with added A.I. (02018)?

Answer: Only if, you agree with: all 3 books of Yuval Noah Harari, (and I do, pretty much).

I see, the esteemed authors (of: the above chapter, “Engineering,” etc) also cite:

Harari, Y. (2016). Homo Deus: A brief history of tomorrow. London: Harvill Secker.

(…Great book! You should read it. Read all 3 of Harari’s books! Also, everything Csikszentmihalyi ever wrote.) …Here, also, are some more great books on: evolution, I mean, creativity. Read all those, too. (I certainly did, when I wrote my PhD.)

Reading is: a good thing to do.

Also, looking at diagrams.

Here is another one.

Now please – go take this Quick Quiz, linked below…

(It’s for Science – and I heart, capital-S Science! I even help run a Facebook group about Science News, currently with about 5k members. So; yeah. Science, Love it.)

Anyway so – yes. Please do take this quick quiz. (It’s fun! It’s meant to take about: 15 mins.)

The Aha! Challenge: Test Your Creative Brain For Science!

And – if you want more information/data/knowledge/wisdom on it – here’s an article about it:

The Aha! Challenge: Using brain teasers to understand eureka moments (02019)

And always never forget, it goes like this:
High-RoI Story/Screenplay/Movie & Transmedia & Thing, Researcher
& Evolutionary Systems Theorist Guy
& Transmedia Writer-Director-Producer: Movies, Games, TV, Theatre, Books, Comics
& Whatever else I’m up to these days
Some of the above is (probably; knowing me) an adapted excerpt, from my doctoral dissertation: “Communication, Creativity and Consilience in Cinema”. It is presented here for the benefit of fellow screenwriting, screen-media-making and creativity researchers.
For more, see https://aftrs.academia.edu/JTVelikovsky 
JT Velikovsky is also a produced feature film screenwriter, and million-selling transmedia writer-director-producer. He has been a professional story analyst for major film studios, film funding organizations, and for the national writer’s guild.
For more of his Transmedia Writing stuff, see: http://on-writering.blogspot.com/


Csikszentmihalyi, M, and DT Gruner. (2018). “Engineering Creativity in an Age of Artificial Intelligence.” In The Palgrave Handbook of Social Creativity Research, edited by I. Lebuda and V. P. Glăveanu, 447-62. Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan.

Velikovsky, J.T. (2017). “Introducing `The Robo–Raconteur’ Artificial Writer – Or: Can a Computer Demonstrate Creativity?” International Journal of Art, Culture and Design Technologies no. 6 (2):28-54. doi: 10.4018/IJACDT.2017070103.


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