The HOLON/parton structure of the Meme:

The unit of (Bio)-Culture

(extant, published book-chapters, a.k.a. `e-memes’)

5 chapters w URL

Q: What are units of culture, and how can we measure them?

Velikovsky of Newcastle solved this problem, in 2016.

Units of culture are sometimes called “memes”. (See: Dawkins 1976)

A Brief Explanation of i-memes and e-memes:

An i-meme is an idea, process, or product in your mind (the internal world, of: ideas).

An e-meme is a unit of culture in the universe (the external, physico-chemical world).

i-memes & e-memes

Memes are structured as HOLON/partons (Velikovsky 02016, etc.)

In thinking of the above, (i=P), I think it pays to remember that:

`…all of us live in a symbolic world inside our heads in addition to an external world. …from an evolutionary perspective… every set of symbolic relations inside our heads results in a suite of actions that take place in the external world… if we call your particular symbolic world your “symbotype” and your measurable behaviors your “phenotype,” then there is a “symbotype-phenotype relationship.’

(David Sloan Wilson, 2019, p. 177)

So, in the above terms, i (i-memes; ideas in your mind) go through a process to manifest in external behaviour (e-memes), considered as product.

But also i=P in terms of physical objects – when we have ideas to make/create artifacts in World 1, the world of physical objects: bridges, buildings, better mousetraps. Technology. Tools. For solving problems.

(Problems in these terms = goals, objectives, aims, desires, wants, needs.)

As after all, all of life is problem-solving !

Welcome to the new view, of:

The HOLON-parton structure of: the Meme – the Unit of Bio-Culture (Velikovsky 02020)


MLS & HOLARCHY-partarchies - VoN, 02016-20


And now…

Factoid of the Day:


(including: Bio-Culture!)

is just:



JTV Apr 02020

jtv, aka Velikovsky of Newcastle, aka The Great Velikovsky ~ (circa 02020)


And, as the great scientist Paul Davies notes,

INFORMATION is instantiated in MATTER.

(using: ENERGY…)

What Is Information? (Closer to Truth:  Ep 1403)



(& systems are just: information, energy & matter… See: Systems Science.)

[Velikovsky – of The Newcastle School of Creativity – is:

an INFORMATION Scient-ist & Technology-ist

…And, like that parrot in the Woody Allen flash-fiction story, he loves talking about himself in the 3rd person…

(“He’s a great little bird, isn’t he? SQWARK.“]

(“He’s a great little bird, isn’t he? SQWARK.“]


…If you prefer absorbing visuo-audial media, to reading: text & diagrams,

there is a YouTube video (30 mins) that summarizes this new Scientific Model / Theory:

The HOLON/parton structure of the meme – the Unit of Bio-Culture

(& Narreme – Unit of Narrative.

(See: the CONTACT page of the StoryAlity PhD weblog; send an email to the address listed there & in your email, request the YouTube link. Apologies that the YT-video is currently: restricted.)

What is the UNIT of culture - YT JTV

The HOLON/parton structure of the Meme – the unit of (bio-)culture [30 mins].

(Velikovsky: 02016, 02017, 02018, 02019, 02020, &c.)


Below are links to posts on this, The StoryAlity Ph.D. weblog about the following 5 book-chapters (published: 02016, then 02017, then 02018, then 02019, & now 02020 in the Encyclopedia of Creativity):

That original (02016) book-chapter is a viral meme (…unit of culture, HOLON/parton…) as it keeps getting reprinted (replicating/self-reproducing) in bio-culture – usually without me knowing until after the fact. (Some of the above chapter-reprints, I only found out about, after the factoid. …A nice surprise-?! Easiest chapter I’ve ever republished – i.e., …tell me when it’s over 🙂

(…ORCID usually notifies me, when it is republished…

Gotta love: robots doing the dark, dirty, dangerous and details-work!!!)

[& now – pardon the Comic-Book-Guy meme… Here it comes…]

“Ahem… Chapter, The… First:”

(…this 02016 book chapter was also in in the Appendices of

Velikovsky’s 02016 Ph.D. dissertation)

Velikovsky, J. T. (02016).

The Holon/Parton Theory of the Unit of Culture (or the Meme, and Narreme): In Science, Media, Entertainment and the Arts.

In the book: A. Connor & S. Marks (Eds.), (02016)

Creative Technologies for Multidisciplinary Applications

(pp. 208-246). New York: IGI Global.

& a BLOG-POST on the above:

StoryAlity #132 –

 The HOLON/parton structure of the Meme, the unit of culture

– and the Narreme, or unit of story

– book chapter (Velikovsky 02016)


And now…


Chapter, the Second:

The above, reprinted in: Encyclopedia of Information Science & Technology (02017)

The full chapter citation is:

Velikovsky, J. T. (02017). `Chapter 405: The Holon/Parton Structure of the Meme, or, The Unit Of Culture’, in: The Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth EditionM. Khosrow-Pour (Ed.) (pp. 4666-4678). New York: IGI Global.


Pls Note… (that chapter is

a Replication, or, a Variation

on the unit-of-culture [the first, 02016 one] above)…

…So – yes-indeedy –

– A case in point, of

Evolutionary Creativity

…that chapter was a meme (a unit in bio-culture; structured as a HOLON/parton)

that underwent, the good-ole

S-V-T evolutionary algorithm;

…Namely, as a unit of Information, a chapter of text & diagrams,

it was


and then


(reduced in size, from 7k words, to 6k words)

and then was




or in other words, or in a short mathematical formula, what happened was

i=P, P=i [repeat]

(Applied Evolutionary Ontology & Applied Evolutionary Epistemology! Ideas, Processes [recipes, formulae, algorithms], Products.)

…I can’t think of anything that isn’t 1 or 2 or all 3 of: those three things? (Ideas, Processes, Products) …If you think of anything, let me know! )

Here’s another view of the same concept (just expressed slightly differently)

Units of Information v2

As an aside, I suggest –

Think of:

`…your symbotype, the world of thoughts and feelings inside your head.’ (Your: `worldview’)


`your phenotype, the actions that take place in the external world.’

(D S Wilson 2019, p 181)

And now, again, below…

regarding the formula:                                    i = P

(the same i = P concept, but explained: slightly-differently…)

Info as ideas processes products v3

ideas [go thru a process] to become Products;

& also [the reverse]: Products can go thru a process to become: ideas;

[REPEAT the above algorithm [i=P], iteratively & recursively] 

(…you can “start” the process at either end – with, the Product/s – or – with the idea/s…]


So anyway… that reprinting (of my 02016 chapter, in 02017) was:

Bio-Cultural “Survival” – and – “Reproduction” of

a meme,

a unit of culture,

a HOLON/parton

in action, folks…(!)

…Right there…!

Just look at that little unit of bio-culture [a meme, a HOLON/parton] go…!

(Hey – He’s a great little bird, isn’t he-?



And now, chapter the 3rd:

The HOLON/parton structure of the Meme – in: Technology Adoption and Social Issues: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications © 2018


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And… the Chapter the Fourth… (…who’s counting?)

I am. Memes. Units of Culture. (HOLON/partons!)

There was (once again):

The Holon/Parton Structure of the Meme, or The Unit of Culture



Advanced Methodologies and Technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Simulation, and Human-Computer Interaction (Ed: M. Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A., IGI Global, 2019)

& the official citation for it (…if you like that kind of thing?) is:

Velikovsky, J. T. (2019). The Holon/Parton Structure of the Meme, or The Unit of Culture. In M. Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A. (Ed.), Advanced Methodologies and Technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Simulation, and Human-Computer Interaction (pp. 795-811). Hershey, PA: IGI Global. doi:10.4018/978-1-5225-7368-5.ch059

Holon Parton structure of the meme in AMTAI, CS & HCI - 2019


This chapter uses systems theory and complexity theory to describe the HOLON/parton structure of the unit of culture, also known as the meme.

The structure of the unit of culture – when viewed as the holon-parton – is a conceptual, theoretical, practical, and scientific tool for identifying and analyzing units (as parts, and as wholes), potentially within all symbol systems in culture.

The theoretical perspective adopted in this chapter is Evolutionary Systems Theory.

Memes are defined as units of culture, or ideas, processes, or products.


And, the chapter has some diagrams, something like this in it:

Hey & here’s a V-shirt design I just made up,

(while we’re using: diagrams/symbols    (:

Have a double-nice day!

Hey – check out the LUCA for that smiley-face “H.A.N.D.” (Have a Nice Day) symbol…


And another JTV-shirt design…

(omg, i heart diagrams

…a picture’s worth 1k words,


a SYMBOL’s worth 1k PICSHUAS !!!! )



Source for the symbols/table below: Why’s Movie Screenwriting So Tricky..?

(& Thank you for the bits & bytes of info, Jake & Elwood,

I mean, Claude Elwood Shannon)

Claude hit the bullseye the first time. (After: 20 years of testing his Model, in his mind)

Zen Cogitation…

Hey – go buy & read this book, it’s awesome:

The authors reached out to me when it was first published, and I am eternally grateful for that!

Check out, Claude’s all-round awesomeness.

He’s: my hero.

(One of ’em anyways… I got: lots.)

Anyway – there’s a blog-post on that AI-book chapter on memes as HOLON/partons, here.

Hey – I also dig, HEROISM SCIENCE

(Olivia Efthemiou – who founded HEROISM SCIENCE liked the symbol I created, above. So there’s that. Olivia is also one of my heroes. So is: Lynn Margulis.)

& here’s some of my other heroes. (Not that anyone but me should care?)

JTV - 16 XXs

Above should also include: Nathalie Gontier.

(She’s also: awesome! As is: Applied Evolutionary Epistemology.)

Some more heroes of mine:

JTV - 16 XYs


Anyway – back to all that “MEMES” stuff –

…And, the hits keep comin…?!

Sheesh – when will this Information Cascade end?

It’s like The Runaway Species!

(see that great book by Eagleman & Brandt)

Creativity: Bend, &/or Blend, &/or Break!

They also made a great meme – unit of culture – I mean

documentary film – on the book

(…it’s on Netflix, see the image above).

Hey u know what else is an awesome book?


And in fact, every book to date by the great James Gleick. (Loved Chaos, Time Travel, Genius, etc.)

So –

anyway – as a meme – an idea, process, & product,

the unit of culture known as

The HOLON/parton model of the meme,

the UNIT of bio-culture –

(and including – the UNIT of NARRATIVE)


(i.e., April 02020) made its merry way into

the Encyclopedia of Creativity (3rd ed, 02020) as well.

But you probably guessed that already, from the picshuas/symbols above.

(Plus, I also keep repeating (reproducing, replicating) it, in bio-culture…)

Like I am right now.

Click this URL/hyperlink to travel through cybertime & cyberspace to arrive

in one piece

at: that unit of culture.

If you read the chapter, you’ll see it’s actually:

A Grand Theory of Bio-Culture,

or E.C.:

(Evolutionary Creativity / Evolutionary Culturology / Evolutionary Creatology)

…which also — (accidentally) — makes it a

Theory of Everything

Ev Consilience - vertical integration v3


EvCult is only just coming to life, now that: somebody actually spotted what the UNITS were. Go figure.

See how many of the Grand Challenges for the Study of Cultural Evolution (2015), it: solves…?

GC4CE cover

(A least a few…?)

(The fact that it’s [the HOLON/parton structure of the MEME, the UNIT of culture] also a ToE [Theory of Everything], is all a bit: annoying?

– As, that was not the original problem I set out, to solve…

I just wanted to go capture a MEME, a unit of culture, in the wild-?!

Butterfly net

(I also sometimes catch butterflies & then study their genitals with a microscope, like Nabokov used to …Gotta have a hobby? …It’s for: Science.)

…So; yeah… yet ANOTHER: ToE…(!)

Oh well; you can’t have everything – Where would you put it? (Steve Wright meme-alert)

Maybe, in a diagram – like this?


(…In Theory, [provided, it’s: true ?! ] that 2016 chapter on

Memes/Units of Bio-Culture,

probably – should – now

be reprinted in:

every single Encyclopedia, that exists… (???)

as, it actually applies to:

ALL bio-culture…



Everything, in:

the Sciences, Social Sciences, the Arts/Humanities,

& in all Media,

all Entertainment,

& whatever-else you got

…Well; that we currently know of?

hmmm. Far as I know, we haven’t met aliens


But I’m still not sure, I’m not one?

Planet WAR-TORN, I mean Planet Wa-tor (I mean: EARTH) still seems a new, deeply-strange, sometimes beautiful, often Mind-Bender-y horror-comedy, and vastly-weird-place to me…??

i.e., Nice place to live,

but I wouldn’t wanna visit here.)


Velikovsky of Newcastle (VoN)


Dr Joe T Velikovsky

Information Scientist

& BCE (Bio-Cultural Evolution) Creativity Researcher

& Communication and Media Arts & Sciences Scholar

& Transmedia… guy

& Rugged Frontiersman

& Professor of Foresight

& Creativity Scientist

(…& Mind, i mean, MEME at play)

The back-cover of my [forthcoming] book on “Memes & BCE” – BioCultural Evolution / Memes / Units of Bio-Culture…. (…probably?).    Well; unless maybe I change my mind about the back cover. Or even, about the whole book. Maybe everything I thought I knew is wrong. Either way, I sure do like: Mind-Benders!

And now the front cover of the book…

(well; unless I change my MIND about this, too…?)

hey – In the [below] book front-cover design, I kinda do like, how, the semi-colon, i.e., [ : ] – when analyzed as three units of culture (three HOLON/partons), looks kinda like, a H.A.L.-9000 A.I. computer terminal from 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), one of my favourite movies, by one of my favourite filmmaker-philosophers.


Some books are like the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey. You can “step inside them”, and they keep unfolding, like a gorgeous fractal flower or something. Especially when you re-read them, having learned a new conceptual tool, like say: the HOLON/parton structure of the meme, the unit of all culture.

(& if you want more intuition pumps, about HOLON/partons & fractals, see that great doco on The Mandelbrot Set, by Arthur C Clarke, from 1995. The Colorz of Infinity.)

Colors of Infinity (1995)


See also: P3 of EC (forthcoming, Nov 2021).


The above unit of culture (blog post) is (mostly, probably?) an Adapted Excerpt, from The StoryAlity PhD thesis / dissertation : “Communication, Creativity and Consilience in Cinema(Velikovsky 02016).

It is presented here for the benefit of fellow creativity researchers

(including screenwriters, filmmakers, artists, and scientists).

For more, see https://aftrs.academia.edu/JTVelikovsky

JT Velikovsky is also a produced Feature Film Screensmith (screenwriter) & million-selling Transmedia writer-director-producer/screensmith.

He has been a professional Story Analyst for major filmovie studios, film funding organizations, and judge for the national writer’s & director’s guilds.

For even more (if you’ve not overdosed, yet) see his Transmedia Writology weblog:


And hey, here’s an internet meme, which is also structured as a HOLON/parton. (As are: they all!)

(i heart consilience)

PS – Hey & I really dig this stuff:

Standards for STEM


`With the adoption and implementation of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and the Next Generation Science Standards, teachers are being called upon now more than ever before to regularly utilize and incorporate mathematics, science, and engineering practices in order to deepen students’ understanding of the content they are learning, make broader connections to the STEM disciplines, and to ultimately help to strengthen the STEM pipeline. This chapter describes how teachers can use SketchUp as a tool to implement the practices through creative design into their own classrooms. The premise and basics of SketchUp are shared as well as a rich creative design project that develops spatial reasoning in middle grades students.’

Hey – See how, in that chapter, they talk about: the benefits of using SketchUp?

Here’s a video of a 3-D animated SketchUp model I made recently (May 02020), of my meta-model of the (1) DPFi (2) MIJi (3) Sawyer’s `nested audiences’ model of creativity…(!)

(3 models, for the price of one!!! Yay! …Integration! …Synthesis! …UNITY – !!)

Here’s that SketchUp, Meta-Model of BCE [Bio-Cultural, Evolutionary] Creativity video… if, you like that sort of thing? That meta-model of biocultural creativity is: a transmedia / adapted version of a diagram / symbol / (a unit of culture) from:

Velikovsky, J. T. (02020). Technology: Memes (Units of Culture). In M. A. Runco & S. R. Pritzker (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Creativity (3rd ed., pp. 585-604). San Diego, Calif.: Elsevier Science & Technology Books.

Note: I find language (spoken words) a useful tool, meme, (unit of culture) sometimes, but, in terms of cost/benefit ratio – it’s also, a very-low-bandwidth COMMUNICATION MEDIUM…?

(Spoken language: It’s very old meme, tool, piece of communication technology! But hey; What do you expect-? Was invented by a buncha cavepersons, about 100k years ago!!!)

Prerequisites to a systems view of Biology and Culture

Prerequisites to a Systems View: continuity and emergence (mya = million years ago; kya = thousand years ago) (Koch in Altmann & Koch 1998, p. 673)

…There are – NOW (in: 02020) – much faster & more effective (new, useful & surprising, i.e. CREATIVE) communication TOOLS (memes, units of culture).

I also like to triangulate information for my audience, all at once: show it (images), tell it (words), model it (e.g. in SketchUp, or whatever)… Send the same message in 3 different media at one time, as, at least one of them might get through-?

Target phenomena 3

See: VARK Learning Prefs. (I’m multi-modal.)

Hey check this out:


Hey – & try this at home, do some Citizen Science!

Go to Google NGram Viewer & punch in these words (which are synonyms for “meme”)


And see if you get this, like I just did:

Meme NGram

Or this (below) if you widen the sample size (the above result is just for the 5 years: 02000-02005)

Meme NGram 1800 on

And, this is just weird:

Holons & partons - NGram

See also:

StoryAlity #56 – Patterns in the Top 20 R.o.I. Filmovies: Number of Scenes, and Filmovie Duration/Screenplay Length …and: the emergence of Elliot Waves!

Hey, but here’s a thing: I LOVE the sweet, chortling musical birdsong of Australian magpies & many other: boids. …Cockatoos? Not so much.

[see if u can hear

the slowed-down magpie-song

in this so-called song, Crackin’ wid da Kraken]

…another random Gardening Video:


[i actually think it’s just another species of Dandelion.]

I also think: every day should be a holiday

Hey see these vids – from some of my intellectural heroicals:

See, in particularity: 4 mins to 5 mins: “What is the UNIT of Culture? (It’s really HARD to define…” …Begs the Q: Did jtv nail it? ..Or not-? Time will tell. Or it won’t. Or it will.)

But, I digest.

Or: digress.


Thx 4 rdg. 😀



Oh hey – check this out:

Note how at 3m47s (below), Yuval says something interesting

(well; I think almost everything he says is: interesting / good / valuable, but whatevs)

But pay close attention, because blink & you miss it:

1000ya, unthinkable

So this is globalization...

And so this is Christmas... and what have u done

Hey, Yuval BLINKED…(!)

into a single UNIT

Hey, so did Nelufar…(!)

If I didn’t know better, it’s almost like, they’re “in tune”. In sync. And like Nelufar is imitating, copying, replicating, on a very small scale, Yuval’s behavior.

What is behaviour? It’s: bio-culture.

What is the unit of bioculture? (Aka, the: meme?)

Well according to me (& I’m just some random guy), it’s: the HOLON/parton… (see those 2 Encyclopedia articles above, for details – if you like that kind of thing.)

Hey Yuval mentions the world (about 200 nations) functioning as a unit (er, I daresay: a HOLON/parton? A meme, a unit of bio-culture) again @ 3m58s.

Nations as a single unit

Can I now pls direct your attention to The 3 LAWS of HOLON/partons for just a moment.

They (units of bio-culture, even units of non-bio-culture) do these 3 things (in this Multiverse, anyways):

The 3 LAWS of Hps

Maybe read those articles I keep banging on about:

(Velikovsky 02016, 02017, 02018, 02019, 02020, &c.)


Velikovsky, J. T. (2019). The Holon/Parton Structure of the Meme, or The Unit of Culture. In M. Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A. (Ed.), Advanced Methodologies and Technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Simulation, and Human-Computer Interaction (pp. 795-811). Hershey, PA: IGI Global. doi:10.4018/978-1-5225-7368-5.ch059

or the Encyclopedia ones…

Velikovsky, J. T. (02017). `Chapter 405: The Holon/Parton Structure of the Meme, or, The Unit Of Culture’, in: The Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth EditionM. Khosrow-Pour (Ed.) (pp. 4666-4678). New York: IGI Global.


Velikovsky, J. T. (02020). Technology: Memes (Units of Culture). In M. A. Runco & S. R. Pritzker (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Creativity (3rd ed., pp. 585-604). San Diego, Calif.: Elsevier Science & Technology Books.

(&/or watch this video!)

What is the UNIT of culture - YT JTV

Anyway – so: here’s the thing.

It’s an IF/THEN/ELSE statement…

(I like ’em. It’s how I think. It’s how the universe works.

btw… guess I’m: a computer nerd/geek/fetishist ? )

IF, the world (all 200 or so nations) don’t unite [cooperate / operate together], “upwards”, into one single unit (a single globe, a single planet, a single biosphere); THEN we’re screwed. 🙂 Or ELSE: maybe some creative genius will save us all, like usually happens.

I mean – don’t get me wrong; some folks will survive-?

Global warming / climate change (see Arrhenius 1896) isn’t

the literal “end of the world”…

Just: the end of the world as we know it (…to: reproduce/copy/imitate/re-transmit a meme / unit of bio-culture from, the great philosopher: Rapid Eye Movement.)

I mean, think of it, this way:

A pretty big comet or asteroid (a large blob of solid matter) caused the K-T extinction event about 66 mya (million years back). Nailed, most of the big-ole terrible-lizards (aka dino-saurs).

But it was actually quite good for, among other things, some little placental, nocturnal, goofy-looking furry things, …our great-great-great- [repeat: a LOT] grandfolks.

Those little guys could give a toss, if it’s dark all the time, because the sun is blotted out by a yuge, decades-long dust-storm after a comet/meteor impact. They were nocturnal…! They LIKED it dark! (Kinda romantic, actually? Mood lighting. They sure bred up a lot.)

Anyway, check out, the past Mass Extinctions & stuff. It’s: awesome. (Well; if you like that kind of thing?) Hey and they tell me that: Earth’s sixth mass extinction event is under way, scientists warn. (The Guardian 02017)

(But I mean, why listen to scientists? …I’m an Information Scientist. Why even listen to this? …Why – on Earth – would I have any “good Information”, worth listening to-? I mean, sheesh-kebab… It’s not like: all of life [if it wants to stay that way – alive] is doing science, all day, and all night – every day and night, every single millisecond, or anything?) 🙂

Anyway I want to remind you of something – it will cheer you right up, after all this doom and (global-winter / global-warming) gloom:

The Toba Catastrophe Theory.

IF it’s true, THEN, it’s interesting! (…It’s controversial / contested.)

…Or ELSE – it’s wrong!

This is what Wikipedia says: (assuming it’s true? It may not be. Not sure.

Certainty is: overrated.)

`Genetic bottleneck in humans
The Youngest Toba eruption has been linked to a genetic bottleneck in human evolution about 70,000 years ago, which may have resulted from a severe reduction in the size of the total human population due to the effects of the eruption on the global climate.

According to the genetic bottleneck theory, between 50,000 and 100,000 years ago, human populations sharply decreased to 3,000–10,000 surviving individuals.

It is supported by some genetic evidence suggesting that today’s humans are descended from a very small population of between 1,000 and 10,000 breeding pairs that existed about 70,000 years ago.’

Source: Wikipedia (02020)

So, look; I’m pretty sure, there are enough hardcore survivalists out there, to: survive, even if, global warming ruins: civilization, as we know it…?

We can always go back to a cave-person existence?

(Harari suggests, we were probably happier? Better: adapted, to our environment.)

I mean, sure – if the planet craps out, the humanimal population will shrink to a smaller number, probably? Some kind of “severe reduction”.

But hey – that’s evolution for you?

(In the words of the great LM …Gaia is a tough bitch…)

& as the great philosopher Pearl Jam once wrote: it’s evolution, bay-beh…!

The same Philosopher also once wrote: “I’m Still Alive“. …Go figure. (Some kind of thematic unity there? …But only if your data-set includes: those exact two Pearl Jam songs, I guess.)

Anyway, maybe see: Population Dynamics…

& Malthus, & Darwin & The Temple of Artificial Life & whatnot…

Cycles of feast & then famine, then feast again, etc (rinse & repeat).

…Life always finds a way…?

Well; except, when it doesn’t…

Then it goes extinct, pretty much.

Or “archive” – rather than “canon” – if you prefer those terms.

On the other hand, IF we want stuff [e.g., daily life, the Multiverse, &… everything] to stay about the same – THEN – probably – we’re going to have to try and adhere to the 3 LAWS of HOLON/partons-???

The 3 LAWS of Hps

Namely – all 200 (or, so? …Who’s counting?) nations of so-called Planet “Earth” (I prefer “Planet Water”), are going to have to INTEGRATE “upwards” – and behave as one [united, global] UNIT…?

HPs & the Multiverse JTV

(Special Sauce, online.)

Planet ERATH, as: a unit of bio-culture.

(…hey – Did somebody mention memes?Units?)

Hey, yeah; Yuval did!

(…blink & u miss it…?)

into a single UNIT

The world as a single UNIT,

or, a meme,

a HOLON/parton

(obeying: the 3 LAWS of H-ps…)

(…Hey! Go easy there, Tiger! – I didn’t make up, all these “rules” / “laws”? Sheesh-kebab! …I just observed, & then, massaged them into communicable form (a meme, a unit of culture), and: transmitted them! …So: hey – Don’t Shoot, The Massage-r!)

But, look; listen –

{YOU: Oh, so you want me to look AND listen, now-?!! Sheesh-kebab! How many communication channels are we Transmitting & Receiving on at once, here?

[1] Sight, AND [2] Sound-???!}

& look; I also agree with Yuval that:

reality (& life) is NOT, a story.

(See Chapter 20 (p. 269, etc) of his great book 21 Lessons.

See all 3 of Yuval’s great books! “Every sentence, a sermon in itself!”, as the great philosopher Flann O’Brien once wrote – in, a meme, unit of culture, a HOLON/parton, that I am now replicating, here.)

Rather – it’s (life / reality) a whole lot of:

Systems Science, Evolution, Probability, & Stat[istic]s.

But, look, I’ve made my life’s work (well, one of ’em? I actually have a few lifeworks-?) a study of story/narrative

e.g.: What even is it? & Why? …How?

& Why do the humanimals dig it, so hard?

Many blue-moons ago, (in: 1995), I got uber-serious about investigating: story / narrative… Just for shiggles. I found it fascinating. What are stories? Why are stories? Who says so? And besides, always Question Authority. (Keeps ’em honest.)

(Also, I was making a living, writing: stories… Helps, if you know, what & why you’re doing, while you’re doing it, IF, you’re being PAID to do it… :)

So as part of that investigation, I published this little booky-wook in 1995:


See: StoryAlity #28Screenwriting Manuals since 1911

And as a result, soon realized that:

stories are algorithms.

(See all the story /narrative formulae / algorithms / recipes, in the above: booky-wook)

…So are organisms, algorithms.

So are: Systems: algorithms.

(hey… Remind me again, exactly WHY, we’re NOT living in a simulation?)


So; it’s kinda nice, that: solving the structure (& size, scope, & scale) of the UNITS of bio-culture also happens to simultaneously solve: the Unit of Narrative (i.e., the: narreme).

The unit of story.

(Guess what stories are? Bio-Culture! This model [the HOLON/parton structure of the meme] applies to: ALL bio-culture. …ALL OF IT. …Seriously. …Don’t take my word for it, read those chapters, above!!

…Then again, those 5 chapters above are: my words, for it.

Meh – Whatcanyado? Seems we’re stuck in a “strange loop“, as Hofstadter might say. 

i.e., The strange loop that I mean is:




As: ideas, processes [algorithms], and Products...)




Hey, but anyway – I have a few ideas for narratives/stories, that – probably (…?), could unify, the 200 (or so) nations into: one big-ole, co-operative unit…?

(Dunno…? Kinda gotta do, the scientific experiment…?

Like: with everything


Gotta go through, this algorithm/recipe/sequence-of-steps:

Step (1) Model/Theory/Expectation,

and then,

Step (2) Suck It & See?

Sorry, I meant to say:

and then

Step (2) Experiment

via: Trial, (&-hopefully-not-Error)

But, IF so, THEN, do: Error-Correction,

…IF, everything isn’t already destroyed, by the first Trial of the Model/Theory.)

[Wicked Problems are like that. You kinda get: one shot.]

See: Model-Dependent Realism, in The Grand Design (Hawking & Mlodinow 2010, p. 16)

But, also – my jury’s currently still out…?


A Pretty-Big Philosophical Question:

…Is the humanimal race, worth: saving?

(From: itself?)

…Or, should we maybe all just sit back, and: watch what happens?

Confuzzled caveguy

After all – some (wicked) problems: do solve themselves…?

(…It’s just that, often, the solution, isn’t necessarily, to everyone’s liking-?)

Also, if you’re worried about having to learn all 3 branches of knowledge (the Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts/Humanities) to be able do consilience – don’t even worry about it!

Soon, we’ll all have computer-chips in our brains (neural lace) & know everything, anyway… i.e. You’re forgetting what’s coming down the pike. (Read: Homo Deus, Future Shock, Megatrends, etc).

…You’re forgetting: there are creative (geniuses/genii) humanimals, who save humanity all the time. And, often do it all: behind the scenes. (Brilliant scientists & artists, etc. Like Claude Elwood Shannon. They don’t seek the limelight… The “limelight” is usually: annoying & distracting – from: having fun.)

So: Don’t even worry. They’ll save you.


…They usually do, right?

I suggest, just keep taking them for granite, they’ll always be there, for you.

Anyway… I do have some ideas…?

For: a unifying narrative.

For, all 200 (or so?) nations.

(…Who’s counting…?)

But hey – IF someone, or something, could convince me, THEN, I might decide/choose my own adventure, to tell, that particular story-?

…Using, my own (damn) free will.

(Or: using choices, involving my AGENCY, within: STRUCTURES.)

…Or not?

Anyway – also – We already have, so many stories!

(There are over 500,000 movies… have you seen ’em all, yet?)


…Do we really want / need, another one?

Because – hey:

If so, it: better be good…?


PS – I was probably just joking, in some of the above.

(I usually am. Right…? Bit of a kidder?)

I mean: of course, the humanimal race is: worth saving…(!)

(…Isn’t it-?)

I’ve been thinking a lot about VALUES, lately…

(…not that I haven’t been doing that, almost every second of my life, to date. Just, a whole lot MORE, lately… You gots to have: a hobby?)

But – the thing about VALUES is:

They only emerge with: Life…?

(See: Sir Karl Popper on all that. e.g. 1999. All of Life Is Problem Solving.)

&, see where, that thought (above) leads you.

…It’s: a dangy-rous, meme.

(Warning: It can get dark in there, without a torch / a guiding light… i.e., DANGER, WILL ROBINSON! … hey – Name that meme?)

Also – if you ask me, you probably need to read a lot more of my other writings / scribblings, to see, what I really think, about: Life, the Multiverse, & well, Everything…?

(But, even then; how do you know if I’m only Joe King, or not?)

i.e., Whatever you do – Please – don’t jump to INCORRECT conclusions/assumptions, based on: insufficient data/evidence.*

…How do you ever really know for certain, when, you have enough information to make a correct call, on: anything?

When do you have: Perfect Information?

*See Bayes’s Theorem for more on all that… Humanimals do it, a lot.


jump to

INCORRECT conclusions/assumptions,

based on:

insufficient data/evidence.

Still, there’s quite a bit of info, here-?

This is a very long blog post.

And it even has “hyperlinks” to the rest of “cyberspace”, as well.

…[Yes – I do know, it’s usually called: Bayes Theorem…

…I think: different.]

…I kinda like it that way? 🙂

…The only downside to thinking different is, some of the time – it seems to me – most folks have no clue, what I’m trying to communicate, to them…?

I think it’s partly, probably, because: everyone’s always in such a rush, these days…?

I dunno. Maybe try and slow down?

…Smell the rose-coloured glasses.

Digest, the information.

Think on it.

Just a thought 🙂

Just an idea.

(A meme.)

(A unit of bioculture.)

A HOLON/parton.

…They do say, I’m “an ideas man”…?


i goes to P. goes to i. [REPEAT]

but i like to think i’m also a process-,

and, a


…Like: anybody ? *

*But also, not everybody are: “man“s.

But, we’re all: humanimals.

Unity & Diversity.

…Dig it.

jtv says:

“If I have seen farther, and, thought deeper than anyone else, it is only because, in some small way, I am: the greatest goddamn genius that ever lived.”

…See what I did there.

I combined 2 “old” memes*, to get 1 “new” one, and, it worked.

Combine 2 old memes

= creativity…

(..well; that joke only worked, if you laughed-? or, smiled inside, or whatevs… I can’t tell…? I’m only spying on you PART of the time, not the WHOLE time. Still; seems uncanny to me, you still haven’t realized, I can hear your thoughts... Yes, ALL of them.)

*a Jack Handey meme + a Newton meme.

Okay; so I’m gonna try that again:

Combine 2 old memes v2

See what I did there…

(Stop me if you’ve heard this one)

I took [or: SELECTED] an “old” meme, (a: unit of bio-culture)

namely, specifically, & exactly – this one (see below):

Combine 2 old memes


then I


(changed a few little details…)

…Like, THIS:


Combine 2 old memes v2

Do you see?

…See, the similarities, and also the differences?

Oh – (I nearly forgot) and then,

I TRANSMITTED it, in bio-culture.

To: You.

See: the SVT algorithm in bio-cultural evolution:

[Selection / Variation / Transmission]

…I also like to REPEAT some info, so it becomes, a PATTERN. In your mind.

…In fact; regarding that “creativity” diagram – now, I’ve transmitted (replicated, reproduced, imitated) it: twice…?!!

(Count the copies of it, above. …I count: 2. …Do you count two, too?)

Also, in case u wondered, why I use diagrams, a lot:

A picture’s worth: 1k words… 

But a symbol‘s worth: 1k pictures…(!!!)

[Information Compression.]

And, I’m usually: really short on time.

(So are you!!  🙂  …So – I get it. 🙂

As an Info-Scientist & Technology-ist,

I like to communicate a lot of data/info/knowledge/intelligence/wisdom, all at once…

CogInformatics DIKI

(Special Sauce: DIKUW, &c.)

…In, as many

communication channels,

as you and I can afford…?

COMMS channels

Get this:

…The humanimal brain is devoted, around 50%, to processing VISUAL info (diagrams, photos, movies, etc.

The reasons are:


i.e., …Animals – like say little-fishies – which we evolved from, are systems (organisms / algorithms) that can SEE their environment, loooong before, they ever get: spoken, let alone written, language.)…

Think about it.

BUT – a whole lot LESS of that brain-tool-thingy – used for understanding/decoding the environment / the Multiverse (i.e., a brain/mind/system control center) – is devoted to information-processing, with: WORDS

Words are: a very low-bandwidth comms-channel.

Very: sloooow.

Language is a very blunt instrument.

As a Comms-channel.

…And so – is this something you can afford, not to: know?

Aren’t you: busy-?

Don’t you ever think about: cost/benefit ratios?

i.e., Everyone’s time is a finite resource on this Earth.

(Well; until we can all extend our telomeres. See Yuval, for more on that…

i.e., Life-Extension drugs.)

So if you want to send a message quickly,

send it via lots of comms channels at once.

…Anywayz –

So; yeah.

Thx 4 rdg/watching/receiving this:

In-form-ation Trans-mission !!!


JTV singz downside up v2

Extra PS:

So, here’s my own Analysis of that Checklist

(Did I hit all the right marks? …You be the judge ! )

Standards for STEM

From: `Using Spatial Reasoning for Creative Design: Merging Engineering and Mathematics Practices‘ (Schroeder, Lee & Mohr-Schroeder 2015), Handbook of Research on Digital Media and Creative Technologies.

Here’s (below) what I think I did, (in a TABLE format) – just to over-explain everything, as usual…

Also – I’m an actor, so – for shiggles/acting (& the writing-style practise), I decided to answer all these specific questions, changing my overall Tonejust for this unit of culture below – and: adopting the “role”/Tone of: a smart-assed jerk;

i.e., I can never decide if, it’s better to be a rude, smarmy, a-hole, like say, an Isaac Newton, or, a lovely, warm cuddly, sweet teddy-bear guy – like, Charles Darwin?

So – to gather more data on all that, I usually fool around, and do Science, by experimenting with various approaches, and: seeing how the Feedback / Result pans out.

They each / all have the pros & cons / costs & benefits / advantages & drawbackdrafts… Anyway – so, please help me with this little experiment. Lemme know, how this goes? (And do you prefer asshole-me, or nice-me? Or, both, or neither? Feed me back, baby!)

[Feed me, Seymour!]



Roger Corman and Me

Roger (Corman) and me (JT Velikovsky) at the Open City Film Festival, Newcastle NSW 1996. Thanks again to Phillip McIntyre for the Sound/PA Services! & Unca Jamie Lewis, Rossco Carroll, Robert Alcock, the University of Newcastle, the Regal Cinema, the Edgerton boys (Joel, Nash, Keiran, Tony, for LOADED) and – everyone else!! (…Justin Case, I forgot anyone. Also thanks to Justin Case. Also – Mike Myers. Yes, the “real” one. Long story. Like this photo-caption really.)


Feed meyou said, and I was feeding you, Jack!”


Hint: the greatest cinematic genie-ass ever – probably-?

[I should note: as actors, Peter Sellers & Sam Neill have both noted, as an actor, you tend to feel that if/when you’re not playing a character, there’s kinda: NOBODY HOME… Just, an empty vessel-? Like say, maybe, the (chameleon-like, boss-character) Dural, from the [awesome!] Virtua Fighter series – an amorphous, flexible, adaptable kind of, blob of soft modelling-clay? Or a liquid-metal-man, like the T-1000 in T-2?

…Just, waiting around, for a new/different/interesting character to take over, and inhabit / “infect” the “ghost in the shell / machine”…? …It’s a nice liberating feeling, to relax, and not to have, any actual: fixed, rigid “identity”….

Just: be like waterlike the great Philosopher, Brucius Lee once said. Pick a new vessel, and fill it up, with: your so-called, “self”.]

Adaptability, flexibility, change. …Nice! Progress, not Stasis.

Okay so anyways – with the full explanation now over-with – here comes: The Checklist, answered, in the style of, a modern day: Isaac-Newton-as-jerk

Table 1. Standards for Mathematical practice – and Science and Engineering practices

& Answers / Details / Specifics / Show-Your-Working


jtv-as-Isaac-Newton, as-as*hole




Standards for Mathematical Practice [CCSSM]

[scroll down, please]

 The HOLON/parton Scientific Model

(aka: Scientific “Theory”) of

the Meme – the Unit of Bio-culture

(& Narreme / Unit of Story – etc etc)

(i.e. Velikovsky 02016-02017-02018-02019-02020…)

1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. Indeed! See the ABSTRACT of my (02016) book-chapter, which was also in the Appendix of my PhD:


“A universal PROBLEM – in the disciplines of communication, creativity, philosophy, biology, psychology, sociology, anthropology, archaeology, history, linguistics, information science, cultural studies, literature, media and other domains of knowledge in both the arts and sciences – has been the definition of ‘culture’ (see Kroeber & Kluckhohn, 1952; Baldwin et al., 2006), including the specification of ‘the unit of culture’, and, mechanisms of culture.

This chapter proposes a theory [a MODEL] of the unit of culture, or, the ‘meme’ (Dawkins, 1976; Dennett, 1995; Blackmore, 1999), a unit which is also the narreme (Barthes, 1966), or ‘unit of story’, or ‘unit of narrative’.”


So; yeah. – I reckon: How to be a `Creative Genius’ in the Sciences, or Arts, or ANY Domain is just a 2-step algorithm…?

[Step 1] Find a really hard `Unsolved Domain Problem’…

[Step 2] Crack it. Crack the f*ck out of it. (Go hard, or go home.)

Side Note: This process will likely take you [anyone] about 10-20 years… Like it did with: me, with this “memes / creativity” stuff – Or, say with Darwin, &, whomsoever.

e.g. See also `Hilbert’s 23 Problems in Mathematics’. Or even see, my: 42 Unsolved Problems in the Domain of Screenwriting, etc… Well; if you like that kind of thing?

& see `The 10-year rule in creativity’! (Which, kinda correlates to: the so-called “10k-hour rule”, i.e. see Outliers, Gladwell 2008)

One way to ensure you’ll persist, is: try and keep in the flow state! Read the uber-great book: Flow (1990). Also read: A Mind At Play (02019)You’ll see 🙂

2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively. As for Abstract Reasoning (using, say: Maths!)


See the formula I came up with:


{[ideas (go to) Products]… reverse}; repeat

…Which is an iterative & recursive process / algorithm).

Or even, P=i.

(i.e., Start either side, who even cares? It still works either way, forwards or backwards. So, hey: Symmetry-! …Noice.)

As for quantitative reasoning:

Ok – so let’s count units of information (bio-culture), either in Shannon’s bits/bytes – or Miller’s “chunks”, etc? (there are also OTHER ways to measure: info, but I won’t get into it here.)

Also, let’s count, whatever we can clearly see, is, a unit!

E.g. Any symbol – like say, the letter `t’, or, the word `the’.

(See my 5 reprinted/reproduced/replicated articles above, for more detail… This is meant to be a quick summary…)

3. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. I would argue: All the evidence (once you realize how to SEE it) shows: the Structure of the Unit of [bio]-Culture is the HOLON/parton.


There, I said it. (…Learn-up about fractal geometry; it really helps you to `get it’! I am not making this up. Think about, why Pythagoras, and all the old classic philosophers (Bertrand Russell, etc) were all nuts about: GEOMETRY. And, about SET THEORY, like Venn & Euler diagrams, etc. The domain in culture known as: Discrete Mathematics.) Think about it! It’s important, if you wanna understand: reality. Or even how to store: Reality. StoryAlity.

(Also, hey – on the bright side – fractals! hmmmm; purrrty! See that great ACC doco on The Mandelbrot Set (1995).

I first saw one, [a doco on The M-Set] back in: 1992. In Newcastle. At: 58 National Park St, Hamilton. Uni student house. (Good times!!!) Same year that I read Dawkins’ The Selfish Gene.

And, those 2 things – (Chapter 11 on MEMES, of The Selfish Gene & also the documentary on The Mandelbrot Set) …


As for: critiquing the reasoning of others? [About: Memes, Memetics, etc]… Yeah; I have done that a lot, on my blog. See the Index. Sometimes I pretend to be (act like) I’m angry and hysterical in some blog posts; it just makes it more fun to read? I want people to: enjoy it.

4. Model with mathematics. Model with mathematics…?


Sure, why not.



Now – starting with “0, 1,” as i (the: idea), do a process (algorithm / “=” ) of: n=n+(n-1). Do it!

[That’s what the “=” symbol MEANS!!!]

…The resulting Product is: The Fibonacci Sequence: 1,2,3,5,8, 13, 21- etc

…Do you see? Ok so, now, do it [i=P] with: anything, in any domain… e.g., Cooking recipes, or computer programs, or building a house, or getting laid – anything.

Hey also – the Fibonacci Sequence is also the story-structure in the Top 20 RoI movies, if, you like spotting patterns in things, as a fun time-pass. (See the StoryAlity PhD for many more deets).

Pattern recognition is – supposedly – `general IQ’ or `g’. I like Garlick’s (2000) very simple/elegant (one word!) definition of “intelligence”: …understanding.

Robots are better & faster & cheaper than us humanimals at pattern-recognition.

So; give them that job! So we humanimals, or post-humans or whatevs, can all: go on holidays.

As for mathemagical modelling, I also like modelling stuff, with: SketchUp, and with ABMs & even Excel (eg Systems, & Artificial Writers, etc ) & whatnot, mainly as: spatial & visual reasoning comes well before `linguistic’ tools [memes] and/or reasoning, in biological evolution (both, in ontogeny and in phylogeny).

i.e.: Both in the species (over deep time), and in the organism (e.g., in a kid’s development, over their lifespan). …Namely: a random baby can see (& point at, & GRAB  & MOVE) stuff, with 6 degrees of FREEDOM, waaaay before it can talk… Right-?

…Do you: SEE-?! 😊

[Man, Newton was a smarmy jerk…? Still; smart dude?!]

One of my fave books is (the great) Pinker’s Enlightenment Now (2018). And Newton was a part of: all that 🙂

5. Use appropriate tools strategically. Use appropriate tools? Sure – why not.


See: Sketchup, & ABMs, & Google NGrams, Google search algorithm, & [sheesh] even MSPaint, & PowerPoint, etc? I love all that stuff. Hey memes are just tools. Technology. Ideas, Processes, Products. See my 02020 Encyc chapter on it all for the deets.

Let’s see/hear that again. (It’s important – hmmm-kay?)

Tools (technology) are just: memes, units of bio-culture.

I know I keep saying it,

but it’s true every time, so far?

(…Like all of Science; you don’t have to: like it…?

It just has to be: true.)


6. Attend to precision. Attend to precision?


Hey; I already said I’m part German (Jew). You want a good, reliable, dependable tool-? Buy a German one! (Check out their cameras too… omg. So good.)

As for laughing tools (e.g. Comedy movies?), not so much. Just in my Humbert Humbert opinion. German humor often kinda seems, a bit too weird/dark, even for me…? Though I do admit to loving some of it.

(But, I’m a weird guy.)

7. Look for and make use of structure. Yeah; about that. Did I mention, I think, I – maybe – found the HOLON/parton STRUCTURE of the meme – the unit of all bio-culture?


ALL of it. Stories, languages, tools; stuff.

I looked, for a long time. Finally, found it.

& They all lived happily ever after, THE END.

See also `Prime Directive/Commandment’/Rule #1 above: Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. Gotta have a hobby? One that keeps you in `flow’.

8. Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning. Did I mention, since this discovery I first published in 02016 [in my PhD Appendix], it appears that: ALL bio-culture is structured as a HOLON/parton – at every level of SCALE? (i.e., size).


These are (indeed) regularities, aka, PATTERNS.

(See: pattern-recognition… See: IQ, see `g’, and see `Multiple Intelligentsia Theory’ by Howard Gardner) 😊

SUMMARY of the above: IN SUMMARY: Yes?; I reckon I did: ALL that stuff, above? And, without even having to read, this [great] checklist, first. (…It all seemed: uber-obvious-? Common sense – Right-? But, I did also read all these books, too.) Reading them makes you: smarter. Seriously.


But – I also love: Maths & Computers, Engineering, Design (I’ve been a Game Designer since age 7) & geeky-tech-stuff, and in fact – I heart, ALL Domains in Bio-Culture (well; that I know about?) …They’re all the same, mostly! Their similarities far outweigh their differences. – Just like: plants, animals, humanimals, etc!

…So: be kind, as everyone is fighting a great battle, and usually, against some stubborn, (usually: Conservative?), asshole(s), just like: you.

(Unless you are: not one of THEM. Those: jerks.)

Sorry for being so: Progressive.

I like: The Enlightenment Project. (See Pinker’s awesome book: Enlightenment NOW. I love all that stuff.)

Science and Engineering Practices [NGSS]

Here we go again; second verse, same as the first.


[Q: How did Newton ever not get, punched inna face?]

1. Asking questions (for science) and defining problems (for engineering). I heart: Science & Engineering. Also, Maths. And the Arts. Also, Technology. See: STEAM. I’m a poly:math:ematician.


Here’s a Q for ya… so, ASK, this:

“What is – the STRUCTURE (e.g. the geometrical, spatial SHAPE) of the unit/s of [bio-]culture-?”

And, what’s more: Ask, how many dimensions can you measure/analyze it in? (Do: lots. You’ll thank me later.)

Check into CPF & CPS; Its good stuff. Osborne-Parnes, & all that jazz. Read all the scientific-lit on creativity, since 1950.

It’s: fully lit.

2. Developing and using models. I heart: Models! See: the big-ole `meta-model’ of Bio-Cultural Evolutionary Creativity that I made… (SketchUp movie(s), above…) It’s: a set of nested, FRACTAL, evolutionary algorithms (the MACRO VST & MICRO SVT evolutionary algorithms), that combines, the DPFi, the MIJi, & RK-S’s `nested audiences’ models.


(That’s 3 x BVSR systems MODELS, all synthesized – as a part & a whole at the same time, & all for the price of one big meta-MODEL! Yay!)

Pls Note:

A model is: a meme.

(A…Unit.) (…of)  (…bio-culture.)

3. Planning and carrying out investigations. Yes?; I investigated, (over about: 40 “flow”/fun-filled years) pretty-much, every darn Domain in bio-culture I could find-? …Over a loooong timespan, I learned about, and then, produced: words, sentences, jokes, poems, novels, short stories, long stories, movies, games, other games, songs, paintings, photos, nonfiction books, scientific theories, languages – you name the Domain, & I’ve – probably – investigated it – and then, tried to make some half-way decent new units in it.


…Most of the units I made, sucked… (about 99% of em); but – a few (about: 1%?) are pretty damn awesome?! That’s just how the numbers/odds stack up, with: Big Data, Evolution, Probability, Stats, & [eco]Systems.

hey – Don’t blame me, for “the 1% rule”-!; Far as I know, I didn’t create this stoopid/smart, funny/horrifying, beautiful/ugly, boring/average/fascinating: Multiverse…?!

I actually suspect – it’s: probably some pimply-teenaged-alien-kid’s half-assed, agent-based-model Simulation homework-assignment, frankly?

It’s a brutal, indifferent universe. We should totally hack it, and, make it, less-worse: Do, Directed Bio-Cultural Evolution. DBCE!

(Just my $0.02?)

4. Analyzing and interpreting data. That’s how I roll! I was: the National Videogames Market Analyst (for the nation of: Austraya) in 1999-2000; for that, I did courses in Market Analysis/Research (@ Macquarie Uni), and, learned from & worked with, some of the very bestest. (e.g. Phil Burnham & CG & whatnot).


I really like, collating, analyzing & interpreting: data…?

It’s what we all do, all day every day to survive, right? (It’s just that usually, we don’t get: paid for it.)

But I still think, robots (AIs) can do it all way better, so – we should totally get ‘em: doing it. …They’re basically (free) slaves! Whom, can never suffer, and who love all their stupid boring hard `work’. (Seriously. I mean it!!!)

5. Using mathematics and computational thinking. Did I mention, I heart Maths? Yes. Look; I made my first “computer-game” at age 7 on my old man’s programmable H-P calculator (it was: a number-guessing game). Then, I made loads more games; then came first in Computer Studies at school in Year 8, then made shitloads more games… And also, made programs to solve problems / find answers / do cool stuff. So, I use that stuff all the time-?! …Made heaps of games (many of which, sucked? But hey – you either win, or you learn.)


I actually often think in computer-code & instructions…! It’s all just way easier, quicker, more intuitive, handier & way more flexible & fun, than this (B.S.) old-skool caveman `English’, that’s for bloody sure!

In my case anyhoo? I started young (age 7 or whatever); maybe that explains it? Always loved Maths & Computers. But also: Music, the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Sports, Games, everything. …I like: Consilience (see: E O Wilson 1998). I like to do it: all. Life’s too short, not to.

So, listen I had a ball, doing all of that

“Maths & Computer stuff”…

So; I now say – get all the kids (& especially, while they’re YOUNG 🙂 [joke? meme? unit of culture? anyone? Beuller?], using stuff like, Logo (turtle-graphics! (It’s just like being a fish again; it feels like: home! See Shubin’s Your Inner Fish). Also – get ‘em all using Alice 3, & SketchUp Free, & whatnot! …It’s fun! And anyway – like it or don’t – we kinda all need to think that way, now? Well; a lot of us, anyways…? (You know who you are!)

Now hurry up, and help us solve the world’s: Wicked Problems.

6. Constructing explanations (for Science) and designing solutions (for Engineering). Explanations? Yup. Seem my 5 x articles, above?


I’m also trying to write a booky-wook on it all (expanding those 5 x Chapters out – but – `classic-style writing’ a la Steve Pinker & T&T is: HARD to master… It’s taking me: frickin’ ages) …Years-!!! (But it is really fun. Keeps me in flow.)

Hey – no wonder I fell in love with The Selfish Gene (1976). Dawkins is a MASTER at classic-style writing. Oh to be able to write/think, even one-tenth as good as: that guy. omfg.

Anyway, we soldier on… Am also making silly little videos on all of this sh*t pretty constantly, to try and communicate the f*ck out of it all…

(e.g., See: the `Fractal Spuds’ vid, above.)

7. Engaging in argument from evidence. Ok: Look around you, RIGHT NOW & see if, you can recognize the (`hidden’-?) structure of: any & every unit of culture you see. A book, a movie, a game, a person, a tree, anything, everything.


i.e., Do you see, the WHOLE/S and the PART/S at the same time? (If not, then: the problem is at your end. …Try harder? Try smarter-? Keep: trying. Please? We need to see ourselves as SYSTEMS OF SYSTEMS IN SYSTEMS< so we realize how important ECO-SYSTEMS are to our survival, or I fear, we’re prolly not gonna make it. In time.)

So – if you’re still trying (YAY!) but failing (darn) – maybe, try: get a better tool (meme – unit of bioculture), to help you see (and even: feel, taste, touch?) it? – Like, I dunno: a pair of glasses, &/or a magnifying-glass, or a telescope – or, whatever-the-hell-you-need, to, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I mean; with the HOLON/parton structure of everything, it’s kinda like, those `3-D Magic-Eye’ pictures – or a Necker Cube `illusion’, or something? – All just, a skill of: perception. You can practise it, and will get less bad at it!

…Some folks (like: me, took me 20 frickin years to see it; now I see it E V E R Y W H E R E . . . !) can really suck at it at first, but – hey, persist! Hang in there!!! I believe in you!!! You WILL get there, one day. Seriously.

Cos u gotta have FAITH!

[Name that meme. Unit of bioculture!]

Keep the faith! Even, when it’s all, totally: hopeless… (I was a firefighter; been there. Lived there… I feel you. 😉

It’s all about the P’s: Passion, Patience, Persistence, and, Pet Penguins.

Also, if you’re struggling

(did I mention – I struggled for 20 years...)

& it was lonely, man. People always laughed in my face, at what I was trying to do: find, the STRUCTURE of the meme, the unit of culture… That was: some cold mo-fo sheeit… Memetics was dead. Pseudoscience. “Woo.”

And one day – with nothing left in the tank, it finally dawned on me: What do I even care, what anyone else, thinks?

All that matters is: my own safe, beautiful, calm, INTERIOR world – not the brutal EXTERIOR world.

So: I just left.

The OUTSIDE world was: too cold. For me. Too: cruel. All just, too: sad.

So I left the EXTERIOR WORLD, and, frankly – resolved to never come back.

Moved to the hills. Became a hermit. Let the weeds grow in the gate. Grew a beard. Grew plants. Years of serene solitude. Quiet. Stillness. Reflection.

Time to think. To feel, to gaze up in awe at all those glittering stars at the night. Long walks. Meditation.

…yet, here I am again? Back. In – The Outside World.

Because – one fine day – I found something… A single piece of wisdom.

One that, I thought, just might help all those slaves, trapped & suffering out there, on The OUT-Side.)

That’s what I’m trying to help you understand…

I think, this knowledge that I had fought for, for so long – & that, like a dazzling wild butterfly, only alighted on me, once I finally stopped chasing it and gave in – can: help?

Anyhoo. In the long years of solitude, I read a lot of: Systems – Systems Theory; Systems Science; Systems Philosophy; & Systems Thinking books…

I got: Systems, right up the yin-yang!!!

[Name that meme! Send the love to your old Unca Jamie!]

So – hey – Systems are HOLON/partons – I sh*t you not.

So are: units of culture. (Or bioculture. …For realz.)

8. Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information. …Seriously-?


WTF do you think THIS is? (e.g. this blog-post; this: Table of: stuff -?!)

…Are you receiving me, over-?

(“…Beam me up Scotty, there’s no intelligent life down here.”)

See what I did, there. That was: a Star Trek meme; a unit of bio-culture, and – it is STRUCTURED, as a [wait for it…] HOLON/parton (…for fark’s sake… Is any of this landing? Please say: Yes. I’m not sure I can handle much more of this?)

…It’s: a WHOLE phrase (“Beam me up Scotty,”-etc) – AND – is also a PART of Star Trek `lore’/humor-canon – or, the unit of culture / evolving story universe [a UNIT!] known by the handle: Star Trek. (…Even if, it is not: actual, official SERIES/STORYWORLD `canon’.)

i.e., Look CLOSER, at the line:

“…Beam me up Scotty, there’s no intelligent life down here.”

i.e.: `Scotty’ is a CHARACTER from Star Trek – so, it (that: funny phrase/one-liner) also has smaller PARTS, within it… that are WHOLEs, & PARTS, at the same time. i.e., Scotty is a `whole‘ [fictional!] character, though he has PARTS to his character, etc. (His: biology, psychology, sociology, culturology – etc.) Maybe even watch some old classic Star Trek (the movies, 1979-89, or, original TV series 1966-9) if none of this currently makes sense ? (PS, It’s: awesome! I heart Star Trek. And Dr Who. etc)

AND – read those 5 articles of mine sometime & watch these dumb-ass videos I keep making.

Just: drill them, again and again, until the penny finally drops… You WILL get it. Like anything; easy once you know how! And – have fun with it! USE IT AS A TOOL!




[The End; this Table has – finally – turned. Off.]


…What do you think?

What’s: the verdict?

Evaluate away!

(…Please !!!! )

Have at it. Do your best.

I mean: worst.

Or, whatever makes you happy. 🙂

[Remember, in the above Table I was trying to be a jerk, like Newton was. I much prefer being nice, like Darwin was. But you’ve gotta try these experiments, and: suck it and see. Because ALL OF LIFE IS DOING SCIENCE. Seriously. …You don’t hafta like it, it just has to be true.]

…Always try & minimize global: suffering.

I heart Consilience

[i heart consilience]

Morpheus - no one can be told

And now, a bio-cultural variant, below: using the MICRO evolutionary algorithm, SVT [Selection, Variation, Transmission]… Namely, I selected the above internet meme, then varied it a bit, then transmitted it. Via, the communication channel of: this PhD blog.

Morpheus - no one can be told v2

Anyways, get smart: read those 5 chapters!

Or just read the first one (02016) from my PhD Appendix. You’ll prolly dig it.*

*Or not? (Results May Vary.)

Wow, you made it.

To the bottom of this epic post.

You should win an apple..!

(See: Bob Burden’s Flaming Carrot comix, to `get’ that: joke / meme / unit of bio-culture…)

(Or, don’t 🙂

Either way, thanks for reading.


For fun, maybe even check this or this video out. I was just having fun; doing some acting. (I’ve been a professional Actor for about 35 years… Also, writer, director, book illustrator, game designer, musician, whatever… Who’s counting?)

More memes:

(Note: internet memes are a tiny sub-set of all : UNITS of bio-culture)

Consilience v2Have a double-nice-day v2 - jpgip-1 greyscaleBio-holon-parton-diagramjtv-ip-mandorla v2JTV logo for v-shirts


GREEN TOMATO PICKLES as a MEME (idea, process, product) (3 mins)

i-memes &amp; e-memes

Also, a bonus-demonstration of bifurcation, for the wood-chopping enthusiasts amongst us:


Bifurcation of a lump of firewood […courtesy of: Uncle Chop-Chop]

Over & Out

Velikovsky of Newcastle

Hey wait, one more thing.

I don’t really like over-explaining things, but – some folks seem to want this:

(Some folks have asked me: Where the term HOLON/parton came from.)

…If you read the 5 chapters above, you’ll see!

But – let me also say it, more succinctly:

Koestler meets Feynman

i.e.,: The universal algorithm for creativity:

Combine 2 old things, to get a new thing, and it works.

In examining Koestler’s concept of HOLONS – and Feynman’s concept of partons, I realized: they were discussing the exact same concept

Feynman on Partons 2005 v2

Don’t You Have Time To Think? (Feynman 2005, p. 278)

(…I am pretty good at spotting: patterns of similarity and difference… Highly Creative People – like me! and maybe – YOU! – tend to have: flat associative hierarchies.)

See: Flat vs Steep Associative Hierarchies

So – by very-deliberately combining(1) a term from the Arts (HOLONs) – and – (2) a term from the Sciences, (partons) I have created: a new combination of old elements.

So: even the naming of this concept is: creative.

(For those to whom any or all of this seems super-obvious – sorry to have to spell it out, like this, but: the demand was there. So, here’s the supply 🙂

Also, you need to think of this:

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things. And the reason they were able to do that was that they’ve had more experiences or they have thought more about their experiences than other people. Unfortunately, that’s too rare a commodity. A lot of people in our industry haven’t had very diverse experiences. So they don’t have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader one’s understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have.” – Steve Jobs, Wired, February, 1996

Also, please think of this:

When I was designing the name, HOLON/partons, that specific name – that I selected, varied, and transmitted, in culture (see: the Selection, Variation, Transmission algorithm, in Evolutionary Creativity) – both constantly and literally reminds us, that certain things are: parts and wholes, at the same time (see: Super-systems, Systems, and their Sub-Systems… including: Eco-Systems…! They are all: HOLON/partons…!)

[Note also, that, I didn’t name it: parton/HOLONS. Though, I considered it.]

Also: one of my missions, in my lifework, is: Consilience – the Unity of Knowledge (see E O Wilson’s 1998 book of the same name – and, see my PhD for more detail.)

Namely, I am a peacemaker:

Ending the long (and, deeply-stupid) war, between: the Arts, the Social Sciences, and the Sciences.

I see them as unified, not as 3 separate branches of knowledge:

Consilience trisociation




Culture &amp; Consilience

(I note: some people resist this Vision of Unity, Peace, Harmony and Co-Operation… And – sorry to say it so bluntly, but – you are the problem! …And, this – is just one part – of the whole – solution 🙂

…I didn’t start the war (between “the 3 cultures”), I was born into it – but, am very happy to help end it!

…If we’re going to solve the wicked problems of the world, we uber-urgently need: Co-Operation, and not: Competition/Conflict…!

See: The 3 Laws of HOLON/partons:

the 3 laws v1 simple

(And see the great book, This View of Life, D S Wilson 02019)

& see: Systems Philosophy for much more detail.

& thx 4 rdg!

Hey i 3-D Printed my ring!

A 3-D Printout (aka `additive manufacturing’) of the i=P signet ring

And, see:

Velikovsky’s Answer to: What is the Meme, the Unit of Culture?


PS –  On `Nested hierarchy’ versus HOLARCHY/partarchy, (etc.)

Hps vs Hierarchies

Hierarchies – and HOLARCHY/partarchies – are not the same thing! But sometimes, they can overlap!

Here are some definitions:

  • A hierarchy–groups of units, in ranked (or graded) levels of power. Examples include: a military chain of command; corporate organizational structures; animal group/herd/flock/pack social structures; feudal society; caste systems.
  • A HOLARCHY/partarchya set of nested wholes and parts (simultaneously), and governed by the Three Laws of HOLON/partons. Examples include: biological organisms in an environment; external culture (e-memes) such as: books; songs; languages, etc
  • A heterarchy–(1) in the Information and Social Sciences, a network where all agents (units) have equal agency or power; (2) in Biological taxonomy: a species which shares a common ancestor with a different family.
  • A homoarchy–a hierarchy that can be ranked in only one way; the opposite of heterarchy.

Importantly, there is also one conception of `nested hierarchy’ in evolution (in phylogeny) that refers to a family of descent, or common ancestry.[1] I’m not talking about that (well, not at the moment anyway; I may well do, later).

[1] See for example: https://evolution.berkeley.edu/evolibrary/article/lines_16 or https://evolution.berkeley.edu/lines/IVDhierarchies.shtml


HOLON/partons – Letters, Words, Sentences, etc. ( 1 min 20 secs)



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