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Dr jtv


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    • Hi Terry

      Excellent question.

      I actually have 2 books (StoryAlity is the most recent, there is also another [older/very different] one called `The Feature Screenwriter’s Workbook’)
      Re: The Feature Screenwriter’s workbook, a lot of it *probably* does (apply to novels).

      Re: StoryAlity –
      I don’t actually know if it applies to novels. Possibly, yes..?
      ie – None of the Top 20 RoI films of the past 70 years (the primary data set of the StoryAlity study) was an adaptation of a novel. (All were `original screenplays written for the screen’.)

      But, if someone (preferably an academic so it gets academically peer-reviewed, uses a scientific and empirical method – and is intellectually rigorous) wants to study the Top 20 RoI (audience reach/budget) novels, it would be excellent to see just how many of the 30 or so characteristics of a Top 20 RoI films (ie StoryAlity Theory) also apply to novels… I would be *very* interested to see the results of that study.

      On the `Creative Practice Theory Narratology’ page here (on this blog), I suggest that someone should use this method to study novels (also, games, songs, anything with a narrative…)

      There is a book called `Hit Lit: Cracking the Code of the Twentieth Century’s Biggest Bestsellers’, by James W Hall that might be useful for you in the meantime. (It’s about novels, and is vaguely similar in approach to StoryAlity.)

      Thanks for asking Terry,

      Hope this helps



  2. Sorry to change the subject, but I have to ask, are you related to Immanuel Velikovsky? I can imagine you’ve been asked this many times before, but I’ve read all of his works and am a fan of his.
    I am also a screenwriter and have just entered your website. Thanks.

    • Hi Wes,

      As it happens – no, I’m not related to Professor Immanuel Velikovsky. We just happen to share the same surname. But I do find a lot of the ideas in his work very interesting. (e.g. Catastrophism, and the mythology of Venus, and that, for example, the 12 Biblical Plagues of Egypt perhaps had scientific rather than mystical causes). I also note, there was a lot of controversy around some of it. (And – the whole `Sagan vs Immanuel Veliikovsky’ thing.) But apprently about 90% of his predictions about the planet Mercury were correct, but were only validated after he died, i.e. when the Voyager probe went past Mercury. All quite intriguing…

      Thanks for reading the StoryAlity site, hope you find some useful and helpful info here,

      – Happy screenwriting,



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  4. Pingback: StoryAlity #113 – `Schools of Thought’ in the Arts / Humanities – Survey | StoryAlity

  5. Hi JT,

    I am writing a blog post on structure for consultancy Script Angel and stumbled across your Table of Screenplay Syntagyms in your post “#35 – What do 8 screenplay gurus say about screenwriting structure”.

    I think it’s a brilliant visual and diligently researchers; we wanted to use it in a general structure article indicating the differences – and similarities – between different approaches to structure. Could we reproduce it if we credit you and link to your site?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


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  7. Hey Can I get a link to:
    The HOLON/Parton structure of the Meme – the unit of (bio-)culture

    Thanks in advance, this is a very informative blog!

    • Thanks for asking Srini! There’s a bunch being made/developed, on this StoryAlity model (aka: `StoryAlity Theory of High RoI Movies’), but – they haven’t been released yet…(!) (Most movies take about 8 years on average, from idea, to screens..) Also – one thing is, there’s 30 elements to it, and if you only do 29 things `right’, and just 1 `wrong’, you can still make: a flop! See, `the Anna Karenina Principle’, etc. 🙂 …Hope that helps?

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